Discouncted minor defect items
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These are various products we have in stock that have minor flaws in them. When dealing with bulk items it's normal to have a few items here and there slip through the cracks. These items usually sit in the office and don't make it into your orders however, they weren't bad enough that we threw them out.


These items are new but have subpar craftsmanship, stitching, colors, or were not what we asked for at time of purchase, but can still be used for those of you on a budget or just looking for a deal. These items are discounted at 50% and are sold as-is, no returns or refunds. We will send the best item in the stash on a first come, first served basis. Check back to see items we add to this list.


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Swamp ass awareness (PVC) -2

USA Blue line punisher skull -75

  • Item #: #600
  • Condition: New

Discouncted minor defect items

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