The Mic Loop Original
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The Mic Loop is a 550 para-cord loop/Velcro construction which is design to attach to your inner body armor and secured with the adjustment strap. The loop threads through the opening in your uniform shirt and hooks to the mic clip of the radio. Secured properly your mic WILL NOT COME LOOSE. Whether you are chasing a bad guy or caught in a scuffle, The Mic Loop will secure your radio mic.

Each Mic Loop is hand-made, and assembled right here in the U.S.A. Made by cops, for cops.


The Mic Loop was created to solve a problem LEO’s face daily…securing your radio mic. We've all had it happen...chasing a bad guy, placing them into custody, that mic pops right off of your uniform. The Mic Loop is designed to make sure that never happens again. Once secured, your mic doesn't come off until you take it off.
The Mic Loop is created by cops, for cops and 100% made in the U.S.A.
When your life depends on COMMUNICATION, you need to be IN THE LOOP!!!
U.S. Patent Pending





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The Mic Loop Original

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